Monday, November 17, 2014

Blogger Crystal Cox ALLEGES that Adam Steinbaugh is part of a Gang of Attorneys and Media that aid and abet Randazza Legal Group and Marc Randazza in Civil Conspiracy to influence and win court cases.

Adam Steinbaugh blathers this about me, Crystal Cox.

"Adam Steinbaugh <> Tue, Oct 7, 2014 at 3:30 PM
To: Roca Labs Media <>

Thanks for the response.

Are you seriously contending that your removal of the video and quick editing of the "fellow doctor" letter just hours after I raised questions about them is pure coincidence? If not, what was the plan?

Second, you're seriously citing Crystal Cox?

Her claims have been rejected by every court that has heard them, save for the Ninth Circuit appeal (which had nothing substantive to do with Randazza.) It's ironic that you're citing a "consumer gripe site" with confidence that the claims there are accurate -- or, for that matter,coherent.

Third, the court proceeding has literally nothing to do with whether Roca Labs' products are effective or not. It's a contractual dispute as to whether a website can allow your customers can post any negative review, whether it's completely true or thoroughly inaccurate. Leaving aside the question I asked about the litigation, you still have not answered any of the remaining questions I've posed.
Lastly, I fail to see why you've included a screenshot of your Twitter notifications page. Was there a point to this?


I guess I am not coherent to Adam Steinbaugh, poor thing. His ears must be full of sand and he can't make out what I am saying nor the facts of his yammering stupor.

Dear Asshole Adam Steinbaugh,

Yes my CLAIMS have been rejected by the courts, however they are full out 100% True non-the-less.  My allegations are factual to the best of my ability. I am the GOOD GUY. I am a voice for victims of corruption, abuse on the courts, fraud on the courts, rape, assault, domestic violence, estate fraud, forgery, corrupt judges, corrupt attorney and the victims of those who use legal motions and the court process to bully, harass, defame, torture, drive to suicide, get money and other creepy, sick, civil and human rights violations.

I don't care if 10 million people a day claim I am something I am NOT, that does NOT change the facts. I know who I am and so does God. 

I may not use the language you approve of or have proper legal jargon, but I have told the truth to the best of my ability and for no personal gain, regardless of what the circle jerk groupies tell you, regardless of the lies NPR, Forbes and the New York Times have said because they believe these rogue attorneys over me or the TRUTH, regardless of the unadjudicated evidence that judges use in believing attorneys over their targets, I am still HERE, I am still obeying the law, I am still on the right side of the LAW and the Moral Compass where I have ALWAYS been regardless of the horrific, criminal defamatory, life ruining over the top constitutional, civil and human rights violations in which Marc Randazza and his gang of PURE EVIL gang stalking, lying, harassing, defaming THUGS have and continue to do to me.

Funny in the defamatory email above Adam Steinbaugh calls my sites 
about Marc Randazza a "consumer gripe site". WOW. 

WRONG Adam Steinbaugh according to your Laughable Leader Marc Randazza they are a violation of Trademark and so he TOOK THEM in an unconstitutional TRO in which had no prior First Amendment Adjudication and the only evidence Judge Gloria Navarro had and used as adjudicated fact was blogs such as Jordan Rushie's and other Randazza Legal Groupie blogs, this was fact enough to shut down lots of blogs, steal names such as,, and tons more.

Marc Randazza claimed they were a Trademark Violation of his "Good Name" (LOL) and NOT Gripe sites. Two years later he still has the stolen domain names and my search engine ranking was lost long long long ago. And not only that but Godaddy and Rogue Judge, Judge Gloria Navarro, allowed him to change the servers on the domain names and point them to a blog post on his own personal COMMERCIAL legal blog lying about me, painting me in false light, attacking me and defaming me. Oh and don't forget Ya'll, he was my attorney for a bit in my massively high profile First Amendment Case until I FIRED his dumb, over reaching, bullying, cruel lawless, woman hating, egotistical ASS.

There was NO mistaking my blogs as Gripe Sites. 

Yet Mr. Dangerous Dipshit anti-Free Speech tyrant Marc Randazza took them anyway. And then used his bogus SLAPP suit against me to destroy my life, friendships, business relationships and keep me under constant harassment, online attack and surveillance.

He also used his case against me to bully my church, to get private information from friends, clients and third party vendors such as Godaddy and Verizon. Marc Randazza sues ya and then he has the POWER of the courts as an officer of the court to dig into your emails, your bank records, church records, phone records, harass your friends and ex's and well do anything he damn well pleases with no consequence and with total disrespect for the law and the constitutional, civil and human rights of his TARGET whoever that may be.

Marc Randazza is a lying hypocrite. Anyone that actually reads all of the facts of the Randazza v. Cox and Bernstein case, can see that Marc Randazza is a dangerous hypocrite who uses the court system in a very above the law abusive manner in order to win cases and seek REVENGE.

Summary Judgment Denial showing that Dangerous Delusional Dipshit Marc Randazza had no case.

here is the Whole Docket

These Randazza Legal Groupies aKa Gang of Attorneys, Media, Legal Bloggers and lawyers that aid and abet Marc Randazza in pattern and history, case after case, target after target to affect the outcome of cases, forces settlements, win case or do whatever their "AGENDA" is against that particular target. Well they seem to think if they keep lying, making fun, degrading and painting their target in false light that eventually the lie will become the TRUTH. And well often times it works for them, and NOT only in the public court of opinion, but they use these distorted, gang stalking, circle jerk blogs as actual evidence and most judges take it as fact because they are attorneys and their target is not.

No matter how many porn industry attorney groupies cheer for Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group, the Truth will remain the Truth. I tell the TRUTH, I obey the law and I STAND up for Victims of Corruption and Victims of Attorneys who abuse the courts, abuse the power and privilege they have as attorneys and officers of the court and the LIE will not stand in place of the TRUTH on my Watch.

So Adam Steinbaugh I cordially invite you to Go Fuck Yourself. You don't have a clue who I am or what my world changing, AMAZING God Given, landmark, VICTIM liberating court precedence has done to free the victims of guys like your Circle Jerk Hero Marc Randazza.

And, to my Readers;


Tell your Story Nice and Loud on a THOUSAND Blogs.
Expose Rogue Attorneys and Overreaching Judges

Thursday, January 2, 2014

WIPO, Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group, Peter L. Michaelson and the PROTECTION of Pedophiles and Organized Crime in the Porn Industry.

WIPO has went to great defamatory links to attempt to silence Blogger Crystal Cox and iViewit Inventor Eliot Bernstein. WIPO Panelist Peter L. Michaelson, Michaelson ADR Chambers, is very connected to Attorney Marc Randazza through the INTA.

Peter L. Michaelson of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and INTA (worldwide membership organization of trademark owners and legal advisors) who is also a New Jersey Lawyer protects Marc Randazza and the Porn Industry through WIPO.

Peter L. Michaelson, WIPO Panelist made a ruling on a WIPO Decision over a domain name that publicly flogged  Blogger Crystal Cox and iViewit Inventor Eliot Bernstein, as well as defamed them BOTH, and caused a massive backlash. WIPO accused both  Blogger Crystal Cox and iViewit Inventor Eliot Bernstein of criminal activity in the decision over a Domain Name. This publication painted the real bad guy, Marc Randazza Porn Attorney, into looking as the victim, the hero even perhaps. When in Truth Attorney Marc Randazza was stealing domain names and defaming respondents in order to supress Free Speech, remove online information that exposed his connection to organized crime and to defame respondents Cox and Bernstein to make himself look better.

WIPO has clearly been protecting the reputation, career and unethical actions of Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group for quite some time. Marc Randazza and Randazza Legal Group.

Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox and Investigative Blogger Alexandria Mayers aKa Monica Foster has relentlessly tried to expose the involvement of Randazza Legal Group and Marc Randazza in Human Trafficking, Pedophilia and Organized Crime in the Porn Industry. However, the Nevada courts continue to support, defend and completely outside of law and constitutional rights, protect Randazza Legal Group and Marc Randazza, Again and Again.

Randazza Legal Group and Anti - Free Speech Attorney Marc Randazza sure does talk a good game on supporting all speech and the cure for bad speech is more speech and all manner of court cases cited, Constitution quotes and more to support the rights of Free Speech of everyone across the board, Good, Bad, or Evil. Yet Randazza Legal Group,  Marc Randazza has sued and fought Blogger Crystal Cox to SUPPRESS her Speech for well over a year now and no sign of ending.

Randazza Legal Group and Attorney Marc Randazza protect, represent and sure seem to stand with those involved in Human Trafficking, Pedophilia and Organized Crime in the Porn Industry. Courts across the United States and even in Switzerland seem to protect Marc Randazza, and most of all the Nevada Courts. The question becomes why? And the answer is easy, to promote the Porn Industry and the masive amounts of money it brings in, no matter who it hurts.

Check out the Latest Report from Hard Hitting, Investigative Blogger Monica Foster. 

"Child porn and pedophilia rings may be protected by powerful &amp; corrupt individuals within the United States Government."

"Marc Randazza furthers his education internationally to continue defending pedophiles &amp; child pornography in America"

Please watch the video below to learn how child porn and pedophilia rings may be protected by powerful &amp; corrupt individuals within the United States government.  Does porn industry attorney Marc Randazza assist such individuals? Decide for reading his own words defending a book called “The Pedophile’s Guide”.
article spotted on Xbiz (NSFW link)
marc randazza the trollAdult entertainment attorney Marc Randazza has announced that he recently completed his masters of law in intellectual property in Turin, Italy.
Turin’s masters of law (LLM) program, sponsored by the World Intellectual Property Organization and the University of Turin, provides an in-depth examination of intellectual property law, particularly on matters of competition and antitrust, exploitation and enforcement of intellectual property and international aspects of intellectual property, among other subjects.
“During my time in the LLM program, I was exposed to many intellectual property professionals from around the world. I exchanged ideas and discussed changes in IP law with the brightest minds in international IP,” said Randazza, managing partner of Randazza Legal Group.
The Turin program, now in its 13th year, has more than 400 alumni. Randazza and others also attended classes at WIPO’s headquarters in Switzerland.
“I believe that offering an internship to future students in the program will give Randazza Legal Group a broader international perspective,” Randazza said. “However, I also am confident that our international interns will return to their own countries with a deeper love for free speech principles, which are at the core of my firm’s heart.”
Randazza Legal Group has offices in Las Vegas and Miami, both specializing in intellectual property, First Amendment and Internet law."

Source of Monica Foster report
Also check out Porn News Today, Monica Foster exposing the dark side of the Porn Industry
Read the Legal Case Below filed by Pro Se Blogger Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox attempted to fight back against the defamation, lies, falsehoods, gang stalking, threats and more by legal bloggers, major media such as Forbes, the New York Times, and NPR.