Friday, February 8, 2013

Citizen Media Law Project is PART of the LYNCH Mob that really is Internet Mobbing their Targets, Alleges Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox. Citizen Media Law Project has a Real Boner for Randazza Legal Group, and Innocent TARGETS aKa Defendants Pay the Price. Citizen Media Law Project claims Rakofsky v. The Internet is a SLAPP, yet Totally IGNORE the Real SLAPP District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL.

Come on Josephy Rakofsky in Rakofsky v. The Internet is a SLAPP, a Legal Threat to the Citizen Media Law Project Staff writing these "Legal Commentaries", yet the Citizen Media Law Project IGNORES the Real SLAPP District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL, the Real "Legal Threat", the REAL Free Speech Threat, Abuse of Power, Violation of Freedom of Expression, and Complete Violation of Due process and constitutional rights of Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox and iViewit Founder, Inventor Eliot Bernstein? Why? To Protect WHO? Gee Duh, that is NOT to hard to figure out.

Citizen Media Law Project Staff is JADED, and they Paint a False Picture, in FAVOR of Randazza Legal Group, EVERY TIME.

Seriously, don't you Think that the readers of the Citizen Media Law Site, would be interested in how an intellectual property law firm can have massive Domains Names Taken, Blogs Deleted, and huge FINES, just because some Trademark Attorney sought vengeance? And on top of that make you pay their LEGAL fees to do it ???

Or how about the Case of a $2.5 Million Dollar Judgement against a Blogger, ME, and their Buddy at Randazza Legal Group, SEEMING to conspire with, Advise, an Oregon Attorney, David S. Aman of Tonkon Torp, the Opposing Counsel in Obsidian V. Cox, in order to SEIZE a Defendant's Right to Appeal as an Asset to satisfy a $2.5 Million Dollar Judgement?

Is this not a MASSIVE Issue that the PUBLIC should Know About?

I, Crystal Cox have personally communicated with the Citizen Media Law Project Staff on this massively important issue and have been ignored. I even sent them the Motion to Stay and the Memorandum, filed by Constitutional Rights Attorney, UCLA Professor Eugene Volokh, that ALL should have, as a research tool for, if this happens to them, yet the Citizen Media Law Project Staff refuses to discuss it, why? Because they are connected to the Internet Mobbing Gang and they are PROTECTING the "False Light". 

For Those Who Want to KNOW about how YOUR Rights to an APPEAL can be STOLEN, Sold at a Sheriff Sale by Unethical ATTORNEY...  and ALL should want to KNOW, here is more information on the Attempt to Steal My Appeal Rights and the Court Documents Involved.

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