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The Turkewitz Law Firm, New York Personal Injury Law Blog, Eric Turkewitz BLINDLY Lynching Joseph Rakofsky and whoever his attorney buddies tell him to.

Joseph Rakofsky, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, and the Case of Pattern and History regarding Internet Mobbing, Defamation, Criminal Endangerment, Hate Crime, Criminal and Civil Conspiracy, Intentional Infliction, Intimidation, Harassment, Abuse of Process, Abuse of Privilege and more, by a Gang of Attorneys and their Big Media Connections to INFLUENCE Courts, win Cases, remove competition and in the process violate constitutional and civil rights, deny due process, STOP freedom of expression, REVOKE First Amendment Rights, and ruin lives with no accountability.

Crystal Cox, Investigative Blogger Alleges RICO, Racketeering, Pattern and History and Intends to PROVE It. Got a Tip? 

"In November, the American Bar Association moved for sanctions. That motion is currently returnable January 17, 2013. Returnable, in this case, simply means that is the day for final submissions. There won’t be oral argument on that, or any other matter, unless the judge specifically asks for it."

"As a caveat, these are simply brief notes. Argument lasted an hour and 40 minutes and Rakofsky was represented by his counsel, Matthew Goldsmsith. Rakofsky was not present. The room was stuffed with lawyers, defendants, summer associates and others. Probably about 40 or so people packed into a small courtroom.

Since many claims overlapped, everyone did not speak. There was no need. The defendants presented arguments first for an hour, and Goldsmith used the last 40 minutes. By the end, the judge indicated that he was considering sanctions."

Folks this Gang of Attorneys Lynched Joseph Rakofsky, then try and take his license, and sanction him. A group of attorneys are believed, and their lies are massively destructive. They use their attorney lies to violate peoples rights and commit fraud on the courts.  It is a massive abuse of power.

"Randazza waived jurisdiction arguments for many of us (not all), as many want a decision on the merits to preclude Rakofsky suing again in their home states. Those people who live in states with strong anti-SLAPP statutes, however, don’t need a merits decision because if Rakofsky sues them in their home state they have more serious sanctions than New York’s to work with. Our Bannination defendant gets special mention due to a 47 USC 230 immunity argument for an internet forum. Randazza also agued that Rakfosky is a public figure — he tried a murder case and apparently gave at least two interviews to the press — and there is therefore a heightened standard under NYT v. Sullivan."

How is this True when Randazza sues people in any state he wants and completely IGNORES Slapp Laws. And quoting NYT v. Sullivan, AGAIN, really. This Attorney Lynch Mob that The Turkewitz Law Firm, Eric Turkewitz is involved in HAVE actual malice and cannot LEAN on the the NYT v. Sullivan, they are intentionally lynch mobbing their targets in and organized, RICO, fashion as far as I see it.

"Defendant Doudna argued no jurisdiction for him as he is an out-of-state defendant, and moved for sanctions (others are awaiting judicial merits decision before making sanctions motion)."  So I guess I can Sanction Ronald D. Green for Suing me out of Jurisdiction in District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL.

This attorney Lynch Mob is So Hypocritical. But at least Eric Turkewitz was not DUMB enough to actually hire his own law firm, The Turkewitz Law Firm to defend himself, geez talk about a liability.  See that is exactly what is going on with these same PLAYERS in District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL, where they LYNCH an investigative blogger for exposing them on the INTERNET.

These attorneys, these Defendants of Rakofsky v. The Internet and Counter Defendants of  District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL , they own the courts and justice does not prevail for the ONE standing against the many. They own the judges, WIPO, the First Amendment Bar, and all the connections and "legal commentary" in between, so whatever lie they spread, becomes the facts.

"The proposed Second Amended Complaint weighs in at a staggering 268 pages, with 1,223  separately numbered paragraphs. No, I haven’t read it, but I see that it does contain a brand new tort he calls Internet mobbing, which I understand is a claim that prohibits use of the Internet for criticism and revokes the First Amendment. Feel free to wander amidst the legalese and let me know what these papers actually claim."

Dumbass Eric Turkewitz of The Turkewitz Law Firm admits he don't read that shit, he just spews whats fed to him, ain't got time for that thar learnin'. See if Eric Turkewitz of The Turkewitz Law Firm actually would read the court documents, he may have a better understanding of the TRUTH, instead of regurgitating what the other "Internet Mobbers" are telling him to say, think, feel, and post.

Joseph Rakofsky Should ALSO add Civil and Criminal Conspiracy, Hate Crime, Painting in False Light, Intimidation, Fraud on the Courts, Denial of Due Process, Abuse of Process, Criminal Endangerment, NOW, with my Story too, RICO and Racketeering as Pattern and History sure is CLEAR to a Neutral, Unbiased, NON-Corrupt, Court System.

Joseph Rakofsky is bringing up a massively important issue. The WORLD need to pay attention to what these Internet Mobbing / Gangstalking attorneys do in connection with Big Media who has a MONOPOLY on Free Speech as the puppet master at the Legal Satyricon once told me. Ahh but no worries as Obsidian Finance Group v. Crystal Cox will Change that. As the REAL Constitutional Rights Hero, Eugene Volokh steps up to the plate, with the merits of my lower court defense, and WINS. Can you hardly wait. oH gee darn, what if he loses, what if I lose my NINTH appeal?? OOPS, you all LOSE way more then I could EVER Imagine.  Gee Darn.  And all those threats, intimidation, tricks, harassment, did not work to STOP my appeal, I feel so bad for you assholes.

Internet Mobbing Is Exactly what the Legal Satyricon, Kashmir Hill of Forbes,, Jordan Rushie and the Philly Law Blog, J. Malcom DeVoy and the Legal Satyricon, Randazza Legal Group, Mark Bennett of Bennett and Bennett Law Firm and the blog, Scott H. Greenfield of, Jordan Rushie of SaltyDroid, Christopher L. Jorgensen of, David Carr of the New York Times, Bob Garfield NPR,, Tracy L. Coenen of the Fraud Files, Thomas Reuters, and many more are involved in.

Also note that Internet Mobbing and the controlling of the courts, has also let to a decade long suppression of the worlds biggest Technology Theft Story, the iViewit Technology (

 Internet Mobbing Is what this same group has done to Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, Industry Insider /  Investigative Bloggers Monica Foster, Desi Foxx, Shelley Lubben. And they have done this to Righthaven Victims and many other cases, defendants, where they want to influence the courts or pressure their clients or the clients of another attorney to a settlement, then they get a judge to grant their every wish and FREEZE accounts so those Billable Hours get into the right pocketbooks. THIS IS Very Real. Yet the Gang Stalking, Internet Mobbers create an illusion that it is a Sci-Fi Conspiracy with no factual base. Most courts don't get this "internet thing" so they believe the GROUP of Attorneys Lying to them.

Funny Dumb Ass, Eric Turkewitz of The Turkewitz Law Firm says above, "which I understand is a claim that prohibits use of the Internet for criticism and revokes the First Amendment". So Dumbass Eric Turkewitz do you understand it to be this or is it really something that REVOKES the First Amendment. See, Eric actually District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL and District of Oregon CIVIL CASE 3:11-cv-00057-HZ, are CASES that really do REVOKE, Remove the First Amendment. See they don't want an amazing Investigative Blogger getting on top of the search engine with the documented facts of their corruption so they REVOKE her First Amendment Rights. And dumb ass Internet Mobbing groupies like you, simply follow along with no clue as the actual merits of the case. Guess I get it now, you DON'T read the case documents, you just do what the Puppeteer of the Legal Satyricon TELLS ya to. Dumb Move There. To bad you did not think for yourself, and read the documents, now your being SUED, Exposed.

More coming soon on the total Liability that Dumbass Eric Turkewitz of The Turkewitz Law Firm has created for himself and the danger and ruin he has put Joseph Rakofsky and Crystal Cox in. Stay Tuned ~ Crystal Cox, Investigative Blogger Alleges RICO, Racketeering, Pattern and History and Intends to PROVE It. Got a Tip? 

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