Sunday, February 3, 2013

Was the Joseph Rakofsky a SLAPP Suit or Was Joseph Rakofsky fighting back against gang stalking defamation?

Bloggers did not just "pick up the story", they distorted it, and they lynched  Joseph Rakofsky. Many of them do this over and over again for their own gain.

John Sharkey at Citizen Media Law Project

Citizen Media Law Project is connected to these "co-conspirators", they refuse to write on a Real SLAPP suit where an alleged First Amendment attorney steals massive domain names, wipes out massive content, and sues innocent victims for HUGE money, in an act of revenge.

An alleged First Amendment attorney who controls the courts, is above the law and serves up SLAPP suits constantly. Citizen Media Law Project loves these guys, and makes Joseph Rakofsky look like the bad guy.

See Joseph Rakofsky must not be a part of their group of attorney bloggers who LYNCH their targets online to force settlements, affect cases, and completely wipe out competition.

John Sharkey at Citizen Media Law Project Says, "There's one point I'd like to add, though. It's easy to have fun with the case, in large part because none of the defendants are really in any danger -- the defendants that aren't lawyers themselves are mostly big media companies, who can more-than-capably handle themselves when faced with a lawsuit. But that's no excuse to forget the SLAPP problems here."

The thing is, it is not right, legal, or ethical for THESE Lawyers and Big Media to do what they did to Joseph Rakofsky and to Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, me. They have no right to simply grab a part of a story and to ruin somebodies life. And the same ones over and over.

John Sharkey at Citizen Media Law Project IGNORES real SLAPP suits such as District of Nevada Case 2:12-cv-02040-GMN-PAL. Ronald D. Green sued Eliot Bernstein, iViewit Inventor, SLAPPED him good with an attorney fee to Ron Green for over $23,000 and a $500,000 bill for 5 domains names used that Ronald D. Green, and his BOSS, the Plaintiff did not approve of. Eliot Bernstein, iViewit Inventor, had never even written a words about Ronald D. Green, and his BOSS, the Plaintiff YET got slapped for over half a million.  Where is John Sharkey at Citizen Media Law Project reporting on that case?

John Sharkey at Citizen Media Law Project does not seem to understand what its like to have Big Media and a Gang of Attorneys connected to them, talk about your legal case and distort the facts, then the PUBLIC believes them, and so do judges because they are Lawyers and Big Media, and their target stands alone. It is them SLAPPING, not Joseph Rakofsky OR Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, me.

 Source of Quote Above and full Citizen Media Law Project Article

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